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Clouds Valley, Munnar

Kannan Devan Hills

Clouds Valley, Munnar Clouds Valley in Munnar is located in proximity to tourist attractions like Blossom Hydel park (Approx 1km), Headworks Dam (Approx 1km) and Tea Museum (Approx 3km). Devikulam Lake, Ave Maria Church

4,000.00 Avg/night

Club Mahindra Lake View, Munnar

Chinnakanal via Suryanelli Road

Club Mahindra Lake View, Munnar It is Situated in Chinnakanal Village, Suryanelli this resort is closer to some of the most interesting visiting sites such as Devikulam Lake (Approx. 2km), St. Josephs Church (Approx. 5km

9,650.00 Avg/night

Igloo Nature Resort, Munnar

Power House Road

Igloo Nature Resort, Munnar Igloo Nature Resort is situated in Chithirapuram. Places close to the hotel include Forest Rose Garden (Approx. 0.5km), Anamudi Peak (Approx.1km) and Mattupetti Indo-Swiss Farm (Approx. 8km).

4,800.00 Avg/night

Emmel Dwellings, Munnar

Tea County Road

Emmel Dwellings, Munnar Emmel Dwellings is positioned opposite to KTDC Tea County. Points of interest like Mattupetty (Approx. 2km) and Pothamedu View Point (Approx. 5km) can be easily accessed from the hotel. Mattupetty

2,500.00 Avg/night

MunnarTerrace Greens A Sterling Holidays Resort, Munnar

Chinnakanal Village

MunnarTerrace Greens A Sterling Holidays Resort, Munnar Designed with a fine blend of traditional Kerala architecture and contemporary interiors, this 135 room property is sure to offer you a dream-like stay. Guests can

7,140.00 Avg/night

Munnar Castle Hotel, Munnar

Near KTDC Tea County

Munnar Castle Hotel, Munnar The Munnar Castle Hotel is located near the KTDC Tea County. Places that lie in close proximity include Mount Carmel Church (Approx. 1km), Tea Museum (Approx. 2km) and Ave Maria Church (Approx

3,130.00 Avg/night

Chancellor AyurCounty Resort, Munnar


Chancellor AyurCounty Resort, Munnar Located at Chinnakanal in Munnar, this luxury resort is built around a natural waterfall. Tourist attractions include Atukkad Waterfalls, Echo Point and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary (That

3,380.00 Avg/night

Forest Haven Resorts, Munnar

Mankulam Road

Forest Haven Resorts, Munnar Plan a vacation closer to forest with the Forest Heaven resort,Munnar. Situated amidst 99 acres of cardamom plantations in the vicinity of the reserve forest area in Kallar, Munnar, this reso

3,040.00 Avg/night

Hill View Hotel, Munnar

Kannan Devan Hills

Hill View Hotel, Munnar The Hill View Munnar Hotel is located on a picturesque hill side of the Devan Hills in Munnar. Tourist spots include Kurangani Hills, Bodi Hill West Forest, Atukkad Waterfalls. Blossom Hydel Park

4,500.00 Avg/night

Tea County Hill Station Resort, Munnar

KTDC Hill Resort Munnar

Tea County Hill Station Resort, Munnar It is Located in Munnar, it is close to national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Blossom Hydel park (Approx 3km), Ave Maria Church (Approx 7km) and Lock heat Tea Factory (Approx 9km

5,870.00 Avg/night

Misty Mountain Resort, Munnar

Second Mile

Misty Mountain Resort, Munnar The resort is located in Pallivasal. It in close proximity to Mount Carmel Church (Approx. 1km), Munnar Headworks Dam (Approx. 2km) and Ave Maria Church (Approx. 8km). Guests can also visit

3,600.00 Avg/night

BlackBerry Hill, Munnar

Bison Valley Road

BlackBerry Hill, Munnar Blackberry Hills Mountain Eco Lodges features luxurious cottages in Munnar. This property is 162km from the Madurai Airport. Places of interest are Pothamedu View Point (850m) and CSI church (4.3

7,970.00 Avg/night

Grand Plaza Munnar, Munnar

MSA Road

Grand Plaza Munnar, Munnar Grand Plaza Munnar is situated on the M.S.A Road. Tourist destinations in the proximity of the hotel are Carmal Church (Approx 2km) and Ave Maria Church (Approx 7km). Other places of interest

5,000.00 Avg/night

Le Celestium, Munnar

Near Tea County

Le Celestium, Munnar It is Located in the Tea County area this hotel is closer to Carmal Church (Approx. 1km), Ave Maria Church (Approx. 7km), Mattupatti Dam (Approx. 15km). While residing in this hotel you can also visi

3,000.00 Avg/night

Bell Mount Resorts, Munnar

N.H. Road

Bell Mount Resorts, Munnar The Bellmount Resorts is located in the Idukki district in Munnar. Guests can visit places like Mount Carmel Church (Approx. 0.50km), Munnar Headworks Dam (Approx. 3km) and Shivamudi (Approx. 1

2,800.00 Avg/night

Deshadan Mountain Resort, Munnar

Off Bison Valley Road

Deshadan Mountain Resort, Munnar It is Located in Pothamedu, Deshadan Mountain Resort is a 5-minute drive from Munnar Bus Stand. Reputed for being highest holiday resort the Deshadan Mountain Resort, Munnar offers panora

3,800.00 Avg/night

Poopada Resorts, Munnar

Munnar Town

Poopada Resorts, Munnar Poopada Resort is situated at Kannan Devan Hills, Idukki in Munnar. Popular tourist destinations Mattupetty (Approx. 2km) and CSI Church (Approx. 1km) are located in the vicinity of the hotel. Mat

2,820.00 Avg/night

Tea Valley Resort, Munnar


Tea Valley Resort, Munnar The Tea Valley Resort is located in Pothamedu, Munnar and is in the middle of a 6.5 acre tea estate that puts its guests in the lap of Mother Nature. Places close to the hotel include Carmal Chu

5,000.00 Avg/night

C7 Hotel, Munnar

Tea Museum Roas

C7 Hotel, Munnar C7 Hotel is situated at Tea Museum road. Nearby prominent tourist destinations include Pothamedu View Point (Approx. 5km) and Mount Carmel Church (Approx. 1km). Pothamedu View Point offers amazing view

4,630.00 Avg/night

Great Escapes, Munnar


Great Escapes, Munnar It is Situated in Chinnakkanal, this resort is close to tourist destinations like Devikulam Lake (Approx 1km), Shivamudi (Approx 6km), Anayirankal Dam (Approx 9km). Guests can also visit CSI Church,

3,500.00 Avg/night

West Wood Riverside, Munnar

MSA Road 

West Wood Riverside, Munnar Westwood Riverside Garden Resort is located on MSA Road, Munnar. Blossom Hydel Park (Approx. 1km), Carmal Church (Approx.2km) and Ave Maria Church (Approx. 8km) are places close to the hotel.

4,500.00 Avg/night

Emerald Inn Hotel, Munnar

Silent valley Road 

Emerald Inn Hotel, Munnar Emerald Inn is situated at Silent valley road. The nearby sight-seeing locations are Mattupetty (Approx. 2km) and Mount Carmel Church (Approx. 0.1km). Mattupetty is well-known for the Indo - Swi

2,900.00 Avg/night

Abad Copper Castle Hill Valley Resorts, Munnar

Kannan Devan Hills

Abad Copper Castle Hill Valley Resorts, Munnar This hotel is situated in Kannan Devan Hills, Munnar. Blossom Hydel Park (Approx. 1km), Mount Carmel Church (Approx. 4km) and Chithirapuram Church (Approx. 6km). Forest Rose

4,250.00 Avg/night

Spring Dale Resort, Munnar


Spring Dale Resort, Munnar It is Located in Devikulam in Idukki district, this resort is in the vicinity of important tourist sites such as Ave Maria Church (Approx 50 mts), Lock heat Tea Factory (Approx 3km) and Shivamu

3,000.00 Avg/night

Las Palmas, Munnar

Devikulam Idduki

Las Palmas, Munnar Placed in the picturesque valleys of Devikulam you can visit places like Blossom Hydel park (Approx. 1km), Carmal Church (Approx. 3km), St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church (Approx. 4km). Other interesting plac

3,500.00 Avg/night

Tea Castle Hotel, Munnar


Tea Castle Hotel, Munnar Tea Castle is situated at Chitrapuram. CSI Church (Approx. 1km) and Pothamedu View Point (Approx. 5km) are the nearby attractions around the hotel. CSI church was built by Scottish tea estate man

3,250.00 Avg/night

Mountain Club Resort, Munnar


Mountain Club Resort, Munnar The Mountain Club is located in the Chinnakanal region, Munnar, Kerala. St. Josephs Church (Approx. 3km), Devikulam lake (Approx. 4km) and Shivamudi (Approx. 9km) are very close to the hotel.

8,000.00 Avg/night

Ambadys Falling Waters Resort, Munnar

Kurisupara Kallar Mangulam Road

Ambadys Falling Waters Resort, Munnar Ambadys Falling Waters Resort is Located in the tiny village of Kurisupara on the Kallar-Mankulam Road near Munnar, Ambadys Falling Waters is a nature resort tucked away from the usu

3,500.00 Avg/night

Green Ridge Holiday Home, Munnar

Central Munnar

Green Ridge Holiday Home, Munnar Green Ridge Holiday Home is located at Central Munnar. The nearby places to explore from the hotel are Pothamedu View Point (Approx. 3km) and CSI Church (Approx. 0.5km). Pothamedu View P

3,000.00 Avg/night

The Tall Trees, Munnar

Bison Valley Road

The Tall Trees, Munnar The Tall Trees Resort is situated in a 66 acre green heaven. Attukad Water Falls-1KM, Munnar Town-10 KMThe Tall Trees Hotel provides well-furnished cottages and a spa. It is an excellent choice for

8,400.00 Avg/night

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