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Lakshadweep is known for the extensive fauna in the region. He is home to over 600 marine fishes species, 75 coral species, 80 species of seaweed, 50 crab species, 2 lobster species and 100 bird species. Faces of Lakshadweep: Geography- Lakshadweep is a group of islands containing twelve atolls (i.e. ring-shaped coral reefs), five submerged banks and three reefs. It is home to over 35 islands. The islands of primary importance are Agatti, Amini, Minicoy and Kavaratti. The Amindvi group islands consist of Keltan, Kadamat, Perumal Par, Amini and Bitra. On the other hand, Laccadive chain constitutes Kalpeni, Pitti, Androth, Kavaratti and Suheli Par.

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