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Haryana formed an important part of Indus Valley Civilizations with hubs, Banawali and Rakhigarhi. The latter is now a part of Hisar District. It is said the Vedic Civilization thrived in the shore of the now absent Sarasvati River. Major historical events like Kurukshetra battle along with three battles of Panipat took place in this region. In 7th century AD, King Harshvardhana put up his capital at Thanesar. In the Second Battle of Tarain, the area was brought under control of Muhammad Ghori. Delhi Sultanate began with the death of the latter. Later, the Mughul Empire declined with rise of Maratha Empire. Under the Maratha control, the region was expanded to many other areas with leadership of Balaji Baji Rao aka Nana Saheb. About 1761, Durrani dynasty took power of Punjab, Delhi and Haryana after 3rd Battle of Panipat. Until 1803, the Maratha Empire reigned. At this time, the British East India Company overtook. After independence, in November 1966, Haryana was formed after division of Punjab. Chandigarh a

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