Destination of Bihar 

About Bihar

In texts of ancient India, there is mention of many parts of Bihar like Anga, Magadha, Vaishali and Mithila. The Haryanka dynasty ruled over the region from 684BC and was succeeded by Shishunaga dynasty and Nanda Empire. The Mauryan Empire entered Bihar and stayed till 200AD, after which the Gupta Empire launched the ‘Golden Age of India’ with immense advancements in mathematics, religion, science and Indian philosophy. In 11th century, the Chola dynasty took over the power of the region. The Mughal ruler Akbar invaded and annexed Bihar along with Bengal between 1557 and 1576. Following the Battle of Buxar, the British East India Company ruled Bihar until 1947. Later, Jharkhand was built out of Bihar in 2000.

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