Destination of Jharkhand 

About Jharkhand

Jharkhand began their resistance against tyranny between 1771 and 1900AD, way before Indian Rebellion of 1857. In order to liberate the indigenous groups from the hold of landlords, Tilka Manjhi began his revolt which was later crushed by the British. 1779 saw the rise of Bhumji tribes against British rule. Consequently, the revolts spread to Chero and Oraon tribes reaching the Gumla area. The Munda tribes also joined with Hos in Singhbum. The Lakra Kol Risings 1820-1821, Santhal Rebellion and Kol Risings 1832 are important milestones in their fight against colonial rule. Famous adivasi rebels include Poto Sardar, Gaya Munda and Veer Budhu Bhagat. The Birsa Munda revolt that began in 1895 went on till 1900 and was concentrated in Munda belt of Khunti, Bandgaon, Tamar and Sarwada. Oraon belt, Sisai and Barway joined the Munda tribes. Following this major revolt, no other uprising was possible with the immensity of British troops positioned in the place. Lord Curzon applied his ‘Divide and Rule’ policy to q

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