Destination of Punjab 

About Punjab

It’s all in the name! The word Punjab is derived from two Sanskrit words ‘Panch’ and ‘ap’, meaning ‘five’ and ‘water’ respectively. Hence, Punjab is called the ‘Land of Five Rivers’. The five rivers are Ravi, Sutlej, Chenab, Beas and Jhelum. This region was designated as Punjab by Turkish Muslim invaders and became famous during Mughal rule in 17th century CE.unjab is neighbour to Jammu and Kashmir (north), Himachal Pradhesh (northeast) and Haryana & Rajasthan (south). This region is mainly fertile plain with numerous rivers and consists of sophisticated irrigation canal system. Punjab experiences extremely cold and extremely hot climate. The temperature ranges from 1ºC and 46ºC, though it can touch 49ºC and 0ºC in peak summers and winters respectively.

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